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I'm a sucker for education and hilarity so these flash cards from @eoandsuch are the BOMB. If sitting down and reading about essential oils isn't your gig, you can use these to become the mega mind you've always dreamed of. Impress your friends with all the new holistic knowledge you can acquire with this simple, effective method of learning!

Kim Camuso // @essentialmermaid

This is such a fun and easy way to learn about what your oils can do, if they are safe for topical, internal or diffusing and their best known qualities!

Melody Brandon // @lifeonloma

The amazing girls @eoandsuch are dear to my heart because 1. They're Nashville girls! And 2. They are BRILLIANT! These essential oil flash cards are so amazing, I want to gift a set to every sign up on my team. Business builders and users of essential oils alike will really love these quick reference cards to remember what each oil is capable of and how to use it! You can become the geekiest of geeks in no time.

Cardin Lopez // @theoilgeek



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